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The information behind CH

I did a small amount of googling and discovered a lot of Irish history went into creating the maps and creatures.

The fir bolg, real stories of them but I don’t think they were monsters

Champion sreng actually existed , he fought Nuada 1 handed!

The Connacht (Irish people may already knew) exists

I saw some stuff about Dian cecht

A load of stuff about Gods

Hrungnir existed except he was someone who died in a fight against Thor after being drunk and abusive in Valhalla

Efnisein existed, he was basically a psychotic mad man.

I came across this one thing mentioning snorri

The titan ymir? Exists !

I even found stuff talking about the existence of the otherworld and portals to get to it

All this information, I knew research went in but most of it I believed was a fabrication .
Honestly the effort to find it all and turn it into a game is quite cool, now time for a spam of photos of what I discovered . If you have any share em alongside this






Re: The information behind CH

Armo wrote:
Wolfenstien wrote:Still wish we can fight crom

We'll put up a good fight ;)

I'm gonna be a stain and say it, not without those helms that have bad drop rates

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