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Re: Why the Bloodthorn Change and Future Drop Changes are BAD

Apples-Bele wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:The game is slowly dying. No doubt about that. People are leaving every other day because a lack of content/updates, or there being no transparency from the owner regarding OTM.

That is not to say that the game doesn't have a chance to go upwards instead of the downwards curve it is in currently. We will eventually see how consistent and faithful VR is to updates when their build finally goes through. With a little bit of advertising this MMO really does have the potential to explode like Clash of Clans, since this is truly one of the only two free to play MMOs that actually looks and plays decently on the mobile market.

Meanwhile changes like the Bloodthorn guaranteed one imperial per kill is not safe for the game, YET.

The change actually reduces the chance at a helm as you will guarantee get a jewelry slot item now compared to 1/4th of a chance prior to the update. Players would be far more excited to see helms dropping than an imperial dagger ring, it could motivate players for several months to kill Bloodthorn, and seeing this reduced change can be massively demotivating.

My main argument here is that buffing any drop rate does more harm to the game than it does good currently. If you haven't noticed already, we have had a new raid approximately every 3 years, which is unfortunate but understandable given the small team size OTM had. Endgame players stick so long do this game because 1: to socialize with friends they've made during their years on this game, 2: waiting for their desired end game loot to drop.

The players that stick around for end game loot will have less drive to play a game IF they're already fully kitted because there is NOTHING to do on here with rarely any content updates. They would have to wait years to see another set of raids for fresh gear.

Right now we need to all assume that the next raid will be out in 2 years because VR has a similar size team to what OTM did and we all know how the latter performed with their updates. Do you really want stuff to drop imperials and godlies and shadows and voids and helms more often and ultimately get bored of this game?

Whenever old raid gear gets outdated because of new ones (these have already been buffed for the older raids) AND if the VR team proves to us that they can dish out content updates much quicker, a new set of raids every 1-2 years instead of 3+, new levelling zones every 2 years, content update every 2-3 months, ONLY then should current drop rates ever be increased.

Do share your views.

That’s from the point of view of a server that kills BT day of spawn.. less than 20% of the playerbass. For many servers not as active, the terrible drop rates discourage people from logging for bosses like prot, gele and bt when half the drops go unused

Nuada went from killing gele 8 hrs after spawn to barely getting ppl to log for prot and necro due to the horrid drop rates after they nerfed it. When we were getting decent stuff the server was flourishing.

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