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Re: Kill steal

He was banned once but was allowed back. He probably thinks that he will get another less severe punishment if he does it again. Even if some of his toons are banned, he plays on other toons while waiting for his accounts to be unbanned. I've spoked with Tadaaah and the Support team personally during the event (4x XP) when he would camp lix spots for long hours to prevent people from enjoying the event. He would log 4 toons and camp each toon in all tower lix spots. Eventually, he was banned for like a week? Now he's getting full of himself once again. I hope the new CM and support team will resolve this problem once again and impose a more severe punishment so that he will not ruin the fun in this game...

NOTE: Harassment- can be in many forms of behavior that involves unwanted and unwelcome words, deeds, actions, gestures, symbols, or behaviors that make the target feel uncomfortable and threatened.

Is this not harassment? He hates everyone on the server and ks anyone he sees lixing. Once he finds out you're lixing, he sticks to you like glue, follows you around until you decide to stop lixing, and sometimes abuses verbally. It's a habit of his that will never change unless he receives a more severe discipline.

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