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Re: How far can you come without buying platinum?

Romeo wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:There are a lot of high-level players in-game that are free players. It's pretty common.

That's cuz u guys keep premium items tradable :D I don't know any other game that does that, that's probably what I like most about this game over any other

I can name a lot that do. Lol. Not even knocking them, im serious. 90% of mmorpg games with premium items make them tradable if theres a trade system/auction.

Re: How far can you come without buying platinum?

Romeo wrote:^Oh, then I haven't played 90% of mmorpgs. These are on the App Store yeah? I've tried a lot of games but not seen it, and I mean only the good 3D mmorpg.

Oh there is one I remember, izanagi, good game.

Mostly pc games do that. In neverwinter u have the gold equivalent (literally gold there too, but there 1 gold is 100 silver, 1 silver is 100 copper, that u get from pve). There was the plat equivalent (Zen) and then there was a harder to get currency that connected between them called Astral Diamonds (which played as main currency), and u could use gold to get stuff to get u astral diamonds, with astral diamonds u could get Zen (can trade zen=plat for AD), and most zen items were tradeable. I loved that personally, not just tradeable plat items, but tradeable plat.
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