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Celtic Heroes Character Art

Hey, I recently had an idea about art:

I can draw your character on CH for free. I will draw your character as close to the game animation as possible.

If you are interested, PM me a picture of your character (and along with your pet and mount if you want that included in your drawing) and fill out this form:

Name of Hero:
Type of Drawing: (I can do a portrait or full body)
Color: (either black and white or color)
Pose: (it can be a classic CH pose or a cool one you think of yourself)
Pet pose: (if pet is included)
Mount pose: (if mount is included)
Extra details: (anything extra you want added to the drawing)

If possible, Id prefer pictures of your character from all sides (front, left, right, back). But of course if its a portrait, send a close-up picture of the face at the angle you want the portrait done. All drawings will be done in pencil. You do not have to be riding your mount. I can include it standing beside you rather than under you :D

I will post progress of the drawings here (e.g. "Name of Hero" has been started/halfway there/nearly done/finished). Finished drawings will be posted in a topic on Fan Art. If you prefer it not to be posted on Fan Art, please say so in your message and I will send the picture to you via PM.

If you have questions feel free to ask them here. Some samples of my work is in Fan Art under A Simple Drawing. However I can do better in full body.

NOTE: Only appropriate content will be accepted in a drawing. If any 'dishonorable' content is asked for, I will politely ask you to reconsider. If you do not respond to my request in this matter I will not draw your character.
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Re: Celtic Heroes Character Art

Sly Shadows wrote:I sent a pm :D hope im the first customer 0.o

:P that means I'm probs second, I'm actually pretty excited to see this!
(I feel like the demand might overrun the supply very quickly :D)

A simple drawing

Pegasus Lugh Signature & Profile artwork by Angmar Reid
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Re: Celtic Heroes Character Art

I think i gave a relatively detailed description with some fun creativity thay no one would of thought of at the start so im excited
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