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In Memory of Sinon Skye/Razi

It is with heavy hearts that we let you all know that one of our own has passed away.

Sinon Skye of Whykicamoocow clan on Fingal server, also known as Razi on Donn server, passed away suddenly a few short days ago.

She leaves behind her real life family and friends who love her as well as friendships from the Celtic Heroes, Parallel Kingdom and Mafia Kingdom communities.

We are arranging an in-game memorial event.
Date: 11th August.
5pm CDT (Based on Nebraska where she lived).
Suggested website to find your local time and date: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ ... 263&p3=152
Lirs Reach on Fingal server.
All CH servers welcome, non CH players welcome too.

If you feel like wearing turquoise fashion you would fit right in with her favourite in-game colour.

Come with your favourite memory of her in mind.

A GoFundMe campaign is most likely to be set up to help support the future of her children.

Contact TessieBean0 via Line if you need to, please be mindful when asking questions.


Re: In Memory of Sinon Skye/Razi

Blackfyre is very sad to hear of Sinon/Raz's passing. Several of our players have known and played with her for a long time, and will remember her fondly. We are also sincerely sorry for your loss, Moo.

In a game I played long ago there was a gate that served much the same social function as the castle does in CH. The game devs in that game would have found a way to add some special subtle tribute to Sinon in that area. Perhaps a small plant with turquoise flowers or something. This game is different in that there are many worlds and they all have to look the same, so such tributes are likely not possible, but maybe those who were close to Sinon can find for themselves a special spot or something beautiful in the game that makes you think of her with a smile.

Re: In Memory of Sinon Skye/Razi

I'll do my best to make it, it'll be 1am my time but if I manage to stay awake I'll come.

Can u pm me the gofundme too? Never did it so feel free to explain me how to
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