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No update until unity... OTM very poor show.

Bad News: Due to a change in iOS policy, we won't be able to update the game until we move to Unity 2018. I am truly sorry.


To be honest this isn’t bad news at all, the game should have been updated a long time ago, CH make a lot of money from iOS players and should be giving something back like make it compatible with current devices. Frankly I am happy apple decided to do something that the players couldn’t do.
Finally OTM have to make the game work properly on all new devices.

Even the small games FTP and PTP have updated their apps to work on the newer devices there simply isn’t any excuse.

Re: No update until unity... OTM very poor show.

ImMinecraftMike wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:
Wolfenstien wrote:Otm is gone. VR now :)

And we're updating Unity! :D

I am grateful that unity is updating of course but it has been a long struggle trying to get an update for new devices. I look forward to trying it out hopefully very soon.

Will there be beta testing for the unity for people on iPhoneX etc ?

Not sure. The team will update on that in the future.

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