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Re: Questions for the blossoms experts

180 to 181 was like 360 or so I think. It increases by about 15 on average per level. I went 180 to 195 and the last level took almost 600. Probably looking at 11k blossoms or so to go from 180-200
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Re: Questions for the blossoms experts

tayilern wrote:Lol damn people are really tryna level without killing stuff, I don't have the patience to gather all those :lol: :lol:

If you get all flower spots you could do that in a straight 4-5 hours maybe, or over a few days spend an hour each day easy
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Re: Questions for the blossoms experts

Aw cmon, now that it's being publically discussed on the forums, the quest xp is gonna get nerfed :(

But anyways, I agree completely that it is the best way to level...however, at the same time you are losing out on the items from leveling (vials/rings) and also all the ability points.
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