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Gold sink?

I see that many ways to get gold from game like mobs, boss drop, daily, but only one consistent gold sink in auction house fees?
I played other games before and inflation became a big problem, do u guys think Celtic heroes needs some sort of gold sink to keep money supply healthy? Maybe something that many players have use for, like having Resto pots or something available for sale in shops.

Re: Gold sink?

Lux shops will always be a gradual gold sink; even with people reselling/trading/loaning/etc. outgrown lux, there'll always be people buying gear from them (especially the endgame ones).

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Re: Gold sink?

Banzai416 wrote:Pet food is gold sink, also resetting lux shop for a reaper ring or stormcaller ammy. You can basically never have too much gold in this game.

Sure you can. When the game offers nothing desirable to buy for the player, then gold becomes worthless.
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Re: Gold sink?

Not sure why we want to introduce something that will hurt everyone.

Everyone doesn't just have mills lying around, this makes getting to mid-end game so much harder for newer players.

Keep the gold sinks to end game.

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