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Question regarding xp weekend

To clarify, it is 1.5x mob xp and 1.5x lix multiplier right? So 1.5x1.5 is 2.25 which would mean 9x xp with a super knowledge and 11.25x xp with a heroic right?
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Re: Question regarding xp weekend

I think they apply separately:
Regular (no lix) xp would be 1.5x
Knowledge Lix xp would be 1.5x of the 4x (super) or 5x (heroic)

9x on a regular know would be super op...

...but who knows I might be wrong
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Re: Question regarding xp weekend

Tadaaah wrote:Check with the team.

1.5x XP
- Super 6x
- Heroic 7.5x

Does not apply to quest XP. Does apply 1.5XP boost to cooking and fishing.

Ty for the clarification
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