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Re: Carnage without bosses

Was really looking forward to this event expecting it to be on set timers like the previous carnage events...This will require quite a bit of camping, with no sure spawns, rather disappointed honestly.
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Re: Carnage without bosses

With all my respect Tadaaah, I don't think that this is what players wanted. The last thing we all want to do is camp even more. Also its been very vague until last minute what this event is all about, there are people staying up for this event (currently 4 am for them) and expected legacies to be up. Also the amount of 5 bosses per hour seems very low and cant be called an event. What if only stonevale legacies spawn?
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Re: Carnage without bosses

Well this is a fail... should have been done like last time. Absolutely no one likes to camp random timers ... putting random windows is the worst possible thing ever. This is gonna have bad feedback because windows/randomness = no sleep whatsoever for some people. Spawn timers can be worked around and prioritized when to log in and off.
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