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Bloodthorn killed on Donn

Clan Concordiia on server Donn successfully killed Bloodthorn the Ravenous yesterday. We had 54 toons of level 215+ on at the time. Using the Gwydion tactics of off-tanking the south root and killing vines on spawn we were able to successfully take him down in 15 minutes with Aspire getting the kill.

We had 7 T8 off hands for the kill.

Drops were rogue neck and charm, druid neck and warrior charm.

Well done to MrScar, Potz, Olek,and Dunkelmeeh for getting the first bt drops.

Level 226 Rogue Sneakalistia, Proud General of Concordiia, Donn
Level 227 Ranger Arrolistia Doch Gul ranger
Level 222 Druid Healalistia
Level 220 Warrior Killalistia
Level 182 Mage Arcanalistia


Re: Bloodthorn killed on Donn

Thanks !!

This is the type of bosses we want in game, with new mechanics and fun stuff, i enjoyed the killing ALOOT, was amazing, thanks to Sweefish who posted the tactics
One of many more to come, next week we finnish around 20, t8 offhands, so will be nice to see the difference in the dps, as ive noticed with only 7 offhands made HUGE difference.
Also finnished another dg set for druid, on top of that made 5 pure drop during first day of the event. AMAZING!!

Gj Concs!
YouTube: MrScar Celtic Heroes


Concordiia, Donn - 25th aug, 2015
Concruiit 25th april, 2017


Re: Bloodthorn killed on Donn

Great Job!! So glad the plan we put together was able to work for you! If you have any feedback or things you feel we can improve I am always seeking out better ways, or improvements.
World - Gwydion
Clan - Relentless
Relentlessly killing Bloodthorn in search of the hidden helmet that is buried deep in the coding of RNG. We would love to see you join us on our quest for the hidden helmet.

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