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Re: First Bloodthorn Helm Drop

xXzeemXx wrote:
Zenaku wrote:What's the level req for royal helm?

210 probably, imp is 215 and godly is 220
Fun fact godly was 225 in beta lol

I remember. Then we raged and they made it 220
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Re: First Bloodthorn Helm Drop

Zyz wrote:
Toothpick wrote:
Zyz wrote:
I feel bad for the one that ends up with the most attends but the worst dice rolls

Usually me, but I like the server so can't complain... I.e. I never won a dagger ring, even grand throughout the entire life of necro, and was there from kill 1

Baffles me how someone can contribute more but reap less than someone that contributes less and reaps more. It's like someone that shows up to work everyday is turned down for a raise but someone that shows up once or occasionally gets the raise.

I understand ur point, but I'd have to say the system balances itself out. The ppl who dont come to the boss dont get to roll which means one less person to roll against. Epona had a stretch where we had trouble getting enough ppl for necro. Most of those bosses dropped a Maj ot greater obliv ring. Our rangers were very happy haha. Now obviously this isnt always the case but the fact remains. The more u show up to a boss the more often u get to roll for a drop. The more likely u r to win something.
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