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Re: New Forum/Support Software

Tadaaah wrote:Hi,

We are currently looking for new software to support community and customer support. We'd love to gather your feedback on this.

The new software we're looking at will allow for the following features to exist:
  • You won't need to leave the game to visit the forums. I'm hoping this gets more players involved in the community outside of the game.
  • Your in-game tickets will be tracked as a conversation, so you'll be able to see your ticket status.
  • Sharing videos/pics in forums and social from within the game
  • There will still be a web-based forum if you enjoy writing out guides and longer posts
  • In-app messaging so you don't have to the game to talk to people (or folks not on your server)
  • Better messaging from us about events, contests, sales, feedback discussions, etc.
For us, it also gives us more trackable items and ways to communicate with you at ease.

The downside is: We won't be able to import these forums. You will have a new forum to post. This info would be available there as read-only. What we would do is lock these as read-only for resource purposes and import threads y'all deem most important like class guides.

What do y'all think?

[EDITED: for clarity]

I do like these ideas to be honest. It will help encourage support to be accessed easier for the players who have any issues.

I'm highly skeptical of this working if I'm honest as the support I've seen and had isn't exactly top notch. Still, I'm optimistic.

Will this support also be applicable with those 3rd party sponsors?

Re: New Forum/Support Software

I was hesitant on what kind of in Game forums that are being discussed, but after watching KTPlay demo video on YouTube I think it would be an amazing addition to the game. Our game has so much potential still yet to be tapped into and this is one of those areas. It would make it easier for our end game players to leave helpful guides and demos. It would allow players to post real time pics from in the game while discussing issues like character builds or gear. It would allow servers to upload cool loot finds from the bosses that are being killed. BUT the biggest advantage from my perspective is how it would allow the developers to communicate with every player on what’s going on, what’s being updated, and what events and competitions are right around the corner. It would make the game feel more alive. For all of these reasons and so many more


Here is the link to a demo from KTPlay as how their user interface looks.

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new player

Not sure if im replying to a topic or making my own topic but im back after a brewk of i don’t know when i just quitted after the new castle. Got no acc anymore but it was thrashy anyways. Any good servers where i can join? Searchijg fir a server with no dom clan like 2/3 clans having lockbattle at all bosses. I want a competition nit a dom clan that i join and once i get my points i get my set. And no roll system, i like DKP ( not sure if its DKP) cause my luck is always roll. I like a active server aswell... i can start any class except druid and rogue( don’t like both) so ehh again sorry if this is a reply to a topic but i just couldn’t find a button where i could make my own topic:3.

Re: New Forum/Support Software

Voldemort wrote:I think these features are all good to have.

Could you clarify exactly what would happen to these forums? Will it be archived, or still remain open?

Archived, but readable. We'll move some threads over. This is going to be put on hold until a much more immediate task is taken care of. More on that soon!

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