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New Forum/Support Software


We are currently looking for new software to support community and customer support. We'd love to gather your feedback on this.

The new software we're looking at will allow for the following features to exist:
  • You won't need to leave the game to visit the forums. I'm hoping this gets more players involved in the community outside of the game.
  • Your in-game tickets will be tracked as a conversation, so you'll be able to see your ticket status.
  • Sharing videos/pics in forums and social from within the game
  • There will still be a web-based forum if you enjoy writing out guides and longer posts
  • In-app messaging so you don't have to the game to talk to people (or folks not on your server)
  • Better messaging from us about events, contests, sales, feedback discussions, etc.
For us, it also gives us more trackable items and ways to communicate with you at ease.

The downside is: We won't be able to import these forums. You will have a new forum to post. This info would be available there as read-only. What we would do is lock these as read-only for resource purposes and import threads y'all deem most important like class guides.

What do y'all think?

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Re: New Forum/Support Software

All those options sound amazing. Would be cool to be able to get on forums while in game and upload pics and vids directly to forums. Also anything to improve in game tickets I’m sure will be backed by like 99.99% of the community.

However I’m not sure I understand the last part of your post tadahh. Is that saying that we will no longer be able to type posts to forums? :?
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Re: New Forum/Support Software

Tadaaah wrote:
Wolfenstien wrote:As awesome as those features sound. I have a feeling you guys will have access to every chat log within that system. Which is ehhh.

We already have access to every chat log, but yes, we'll have any new systems as well.

I mean, if I read correctly. New system helps eliminate the need for third party apps like line/band/discord. Things you guys dont have chat logs for. I'm aware of ingame chat logs lol.

Re: New Forum/Support Software

Interesting ....

Would we get to do some beta tests ?? All these ideas sound awesome in theory....but I don’t want to see these forums disappear either... call me sentinmental :cry:
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Re: New Forum/Support Software

Wolfenstien wrote:I mean, if I read correctly. New system helps eliminate the need for third party apps like line/band/discord. Things you guys dont have chat logs for. I'm aware of ingame chat logs lol.

If we were to make this move the main benefit for us would be to help improve support by having a centralized platform that pulls various communications channels together and enables us to track tickets and support history more effectively. One option for this comes with the added community functionality Tadaaah outlined, the other option is more a back end behind the scenes thing. The social elements however we think have great potential for helping us engage with you and you to engage with each other in some new ways.

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Re: New Forum/Support Software

If this new proposed software will move people away from third party apps like line etc my main concern is will we have emoticons & stickers because they are fundamentally important.
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Re: New Forum/Support Software

I think it would good for timing bosses if we were able to make private groups for clans with this new software. If you don't want OTM to read everything, then you should just stick to your current 3rd party app.
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