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Welp, this may or may not be the end, but heres my farewell speech incase.

Well, I knew it had to happen eventually, but I didn't know when. Truthfully I never would have thought a mobile MMO would have lasted 7 whole years. That's crazy, but I'm glad to have spent it with all of you. Being here from the beginning in 2011 until the present, I saw the world change so many times, yet the community never did. You were always happy and optimistic(for the most part), and although sometimes it took situations to occur in order to realize that, it was true. Myself? I've had alot of friends and enemies over the years, though I don't hold any grudges after this. No matter what I may have said, I enjoy spending time with anyone, even those I may have hated in the past.

I'd like to thank:

The community, for being so involved over the years
The various admins for dealing with us numbskulls
The support team, for sorting out those tickets we so desperately send in
Mages for being the best class(totally not biased or anything...)
Lugh, for being the awesome world it is, and being my hometown
BERSERKERS for being the old school king of clans in lugh
SHADOWKRAR for being a great leader of said clan
Ricktor, for being the crazy uncle we all know and love
Perk for being the new furyion
All of my other friends and foes since 2011
Winterking bow for sniping scrubs in the old days
Ymir hammer for the ultimate destruction factor
Bloodlust helms for being the awesomeist rare item
Xp lix, because everyone would complain about the grind
World - Lugh
Furyion - 190 Ice Mage
Lavalord - 60 PvP Warrior
Keepin' it old school.
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Lmao Rio fuy made a whole vid on this I bet

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