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Re: Sulis downs bt

Congrats guys! Great to see another server take it down

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Re: Sulis downs bt

Congratulations Sulis!
Im curious to know what was ur player count?? Any strategy or just kos everything?

Re: Sulis downs bt

Idorange wrote:Around 85 toons, killed in 15 ish mins and strategy was to kill everything on site

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Re: Sulis downs bt

Congrats guys!
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Re: Sulis downs bt

Yep. Approximately 80-85 toons I believe, first attempt and we killed. Pretty sure a lot didn’t know the mechanics. Hopefully next time people will do better.

15 minute kill though

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Re: Sulis downs bt

15 minutes with 85 toons?!?!?! Thats ridiculous on OTM's side. Gj to sulis tho.
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Re: Sulis downs bt

Holy congrats, nice job on the cooperation from all 3 clans too
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