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Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

ShadowKnight wrote:
Elfylolz wrote:
ShadowKnight wrote:I'm just happy to have a favorites tab

Sadly fav tab won't save us from tapping screen 3 times every 10 secs for 3 days

What lvl cooking are you and what lvl js your mastery? I basically did what ur saying for 2 weeks haha

Not high I think highest cooking toon Is in 60s or 70s lol

Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

YourNightmare wrote:
BrandonHeath wrote:Do we need a specific cooking lvl to be able to cook exquisite rabbit pies?


+ High levels in cooking will have too much of an advantage.

Unless you have 1500+ mastery probably not worth trying
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Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

I think the biggest challenge for any cooking level will be collecting the meat :lol: the fishing challenge was fierce competition for spots.
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Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

Elfylolz wrote:Sadly fav tab won't save us from tapping screen 3 times every 10 secs for 3 days

...so 86,400 seconds in a day,
and 3 days is 259,200 seconds,
and 10 seconds to cook a pie,
and assuming you can get those 3 taps in in under a second
and never stop to use the bathroom/sleep,
and assuming that every rabbit pie is an exquisite,
the maximum number of exquisite rabbit pies possible for this competition is 23,563
...challenge accepted

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Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

Chaotic wrote:Well you arent factoring in the time it takes to cook the pie.

10 sec + 3 taps isn't it? (or 4/5 taps?)

I wonder if OTM restrict scores (track number of rabbit pie cookings) base on stage 1 collection. If not, collection plays a bigger factor. And the competition will have started now unofficially, both cooks and vultures selling rabbit meat.

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