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Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

Tadaaah wrote:Prizes have been awarded. Shadae, we'll come up with something in the morning.

I'll jump on a bit after the gym.

Now that the dust has settled for me....all I am asking is that OTM treat me the way they themselves would want to be treated. I stayed up for over 40hrs. The fact that you are a healthy minded person...you must know the incredible strain I put on both my mind and body. Crunch the numbers. I put a lot of effort and time in. I pre collected over 5000 rabbit meats and wheat prior to the start of the first half of ths competition. I missed two days worth of meals with my family. Beings that needed hugging didn’t get hugged and things that needed cleaning didn’t get cleaned.

I would dare say Tadaaah that the other 3 people...these numbers are from the last leaderboard update...I have no idea if these are the final numbers or not.
Shadae from Arawn 5062
Ikkaku from Belenus 4806
Seasalt from Rosmerta 4257
12ayne from Gwydion 4112

The above mentioned people had to be awake pushing over 40 hrs to keep these numbers. We were not competing against people on our servers..but against eachother.

Here is the 5th placed numbers amongst the worlds ....2986
There was a gap of over 4500 between myself and 2nd on my server.
I dare say none of us would have competed like this had we not been told it was top 3 of the worlds.

Please tell me you see the difference in the time invested in winning this.

I humbly ask that 12ayne be included in whatever additional reward OTM finds our effort worthy of, considering people who did less than a 4th of what we did, received the ladle.

I also need to say I appreciate the open dialogue..I fully understand that you had nothing to do with the running of this...and that you have been thrown into the den of wolves. Thanks again for your effort. Good luck on your gains.

Kind regards
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Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

Tadaaah wrote:Prizes have been awarded. Shadae, we'll come up with something in the morning.

I'll jump on a bit after the gym.

I did advocate that top 3 should get a ladle due to the first post, and its awesome, but since shadae brought it up, as a top 3 world contender we did go absolutly above and beyond in the mind set that of, “we got to keep that top 3 spot, we need us a ladle.” I was competing the hell out of this competition and anyone with 4k points can agree, if there is anything the top 3 or even top 10 of all worlds can recieve in compensation for executing to the FULLEST a competition OTM made it would be scrumptious.
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Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

Whatever you do and no matter what solution you try to find, someone somewhere is always gonna be mad :mrgreen: some people have no life.. other people have life, put them both in a competition and that's what u get complaints :lol:
Thanks OTM for organising this competition and for the cool prizes, im happy with my ladel and i dont see the point of adding a special knife, since both are useless and only used while standing in castle or cooking in tavern
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Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

Tadaaah wrote:Unfortunately, we won't be able to create you a unique item, but I'm open to some suggestions. We can't go super, crazy rare, but we do want to honor the effort and change.

how hard is it to also make a recipe book a non consumable and add it as an offhand like someone previously suggested ..that’s kinda cool tbh.

Or give them a flaming Mauve hat ..those flaming hats are sexy :lol:
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