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Re: Bt healing bug fixed

I mean let's be real here many many servers are capable of downing this now.. it's not like with gelebron Where it took months of farming edl sets and was like a race to kill first.. so what are we really arguing about here? We are all capable and multiple servers will kill in the coming days.. so let's just all be happy for each other and get this thing dead..

Re: Bt healing bug fixed

Instead of fighting for a stupid achievement, we should be happy for each other, and thankful for OTM for this nice challenge, and even nicer loot. Who really cares who kills what first? BT isn’t like gele and i bet alot of clans will be killing it regularly alot sooner than when gele came out. That alone shows that:
1) beta testers (both open and closed) did their job correctly.
2) OTM listened to us alot but very carefully as well.
WE, THE COMMUNITY AND OTM, WORKED AS A TEAM. Everyone likes the challenges. Everyone likes the loot.
Corrupted Gardens is a success.
Best of luck to everyone and every clan with BT.

Re: Bt healing bug fixed

I love those still supporting epona, sucks to see certain people discrediting something they refuse to believe
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Re: Bt healing bug fixed

Zyz wrote:
Coman wrote:Why when you can explain?

A doped up athlete will still lose his/her gold medal.

Explain please.

Again, I Comgrade the first kill! No matter whom, but I won’t (and this is my opinion) give praice to bugged kills! How though skinned are you to get this!

Go farm, hunt and get those drops! We now only have lag to worry about, and Druids are very mad OTM

What in the world does doping and sports have to do with a video game

My apologies if you’re to stupid to get it. Legit kill is available, it’s no longer suited for players like yourself.

Let us know of the next kill you get, and I shall again Comgrat you and salute your drops.

Now, leave your saltyness and bottomhurts. Play your game and have fun, please, will you?

And btw: BOB I still didn’t see a reply from you regarding attempting to sell in game items for real life CASH.

Are you afraid OTM will check your accounts for chat logs? I know I saw some, but no screen shots

- It's never to late to undo wrong decisions. The players should be compensated for losing premium paid items due to in game bugs.
- I pledge to never buy any platinum for as long as the Hoax continues

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