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Star Fire

A 1980s Nintendo generation deeply embedded in 2018 mobile game devices may consider current games a step backwards both graphically and in scale. Taking a McDonalized approach to mobile gaming (have it here, have it now) does come with its sacrifices after all.

Regardless, who doesn’t love taking their journey through Lirs riding that porcelain pony late into the evening hours while your legs fall asleep. A nod to those who have dropped gelbron while tightly dogged down to an ass gasket for over 45 minutes! Life is good. Certainly, we all want more expansive zones, more diverse yet ever changing end game, and most important that comfortable warm glowing feeling of logging in our pimped out toons at any given point in time on minutes notice.

Ultimately, this evokes one to question. Where does a game like Celtic Heroes go from here?

Personally, I envision flying mounts in future zones, swimming 20 minutes to islands with end game mobs in dangerous waters with even more mobs ( whales, giant squid, swarms of frenzied piranhas tearing me to shreds etc...), and in game live real time voice to voice communications. Who wouldn’t want more “good stuff” after all ?

What Celtic Heroes has accomplished is no small feat. Providing nearly a decade of solid mmorpg enthusiasts a place to feel at home while the mobile mmorpg market is in its infancy. Indeed, Celtic Heroes has solidified its position in mobile gaming history as being one the top mobile mmorpg pioneers, especially socially. Celtic Heroes has had one of the best trading systems and social hubs I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Last night I found myself fishing a purple vortex when another player approached me at random in fingals asking if I could take off my clothes and fish naked, to which I replied “certainly not.” I traded the person a few chocolate Lord Mclirs and responded with a purple whisper (eat me) and then I logged. I hope I taste as sweet as I sound when I say, I love this game.
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Re: Star Fire

Lovely reading!

I raise all my 10 thumbs!

- It's never to late to undo wrong decisions. The players should be compensated for losing premium paid items due to in game bugs.
- I pledge to never buy any platinum for as long as the Hoax continues

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