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Re: Morgana



Sorry for any concerns that may have been caused by my absence.
I realize that I haven't been on the forums for a while now!

As I'm sure everyone has been seeing, we have recently been having a few updates to policies and procedures regarding support and community.
As someone who has been here since almost the beginning of Celtic Heroes, I've been taking a back seat position as these polices went live in order to see the impact that it has upon our community and to review them further within the studio.
We are aware that there have been many complaints recently in regards to the support policies - at the moment these are being reviewed in order for us to meet the high standards of support that our community deserves.

Due to the amount of time I've been absent I shall be clearing out my PMs as I am sure the majority of the issues have now been tackled.

Feel free to PM me if you have issues. I hope to be around more often now ^^
Please PM me for Support Issues

Morgana is back in the house! ~ Meow!

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