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Re: Celtic Heroes : Battle Royale

Corrupt wrote:
Muldar wrote:We here at One Thumb Mobile are overjoyed to announce the release of a new way to play Celtic Heroes...

Celtic Heroes: Battle Royale!


Our new game mode (available as an option on the login screen) will be going live in a patch later today. Celtic Heroes: Battle Royale has been in development for decades if not centuries, and we're glad we can finally share it with you.

Features include and are strictly limited to:

> A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!
> Powerups, use Quad Damage and Adrenaline to best your foes.
> Respawns! Unhappy you've died? Revive once per day and fight back!
> Invite your friends to your Clan and unlock character perks.
> Live as most dare to dream with full controller support.
> Fly high! Use your wings and gliders from your Celtic Heroes characters.
> Optimised for original iPad, iPod and N-Gage, anyone can play!
> Overly punishing loot RNG to give you a true Battle Royale experience.
> Lie in the grass and do nothing to maximise your chances of winning!
> Snipe your enemies with greatbows three times the size of your character model.

These features and no more are included in Celtic Heroes: Battle Royale, live today!

Thing is it actually sounds better then camping dl still :(

Agreed :/
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boymclir wrote:Bob The God

Shadae wrote:This Bob guy is a guide? Legitimately?


Re: Celtic Heroes : Battle Royale

Annnnnd.... I finally completed my set of white lanrik so I’ve decided to give away all my fashion to brand new players without telling them it’s true value; everyone can watch out for newbies wearing exclusive and rare fashion and try and talk them out of it. Good luck!

Ahhh April Fools! I WILL tell them it’s value and you will all be required to pay them in dragon eggs!! Mwuahahahaha

Here’s a real April Fools joke played on ME! I hid my son’s Easter candy in the garage over night and the field mice DEVOURED an ENTIRE BAG of Cadbury mini eggs!! Yikes!!! Of course they left the Cadbury Eggs untouched... at least my field mice have good taste, eh? ;). The joys of rural life.

It’s all in good fun! Happy Easter and have fun today every one!
:) Kes
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