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Re: Celtic Heroes Future

Zyz wrote:I think more might be willing to do this if it wasn't common for threads to keep popping up with players asking why support/appeals/customer service still hasn't responded to them in weeks and months. Or they get asked several times to answer how many times they've purchased plat and questions like that as if any of us keeping track of specific dates. When otm can provide stellar customer service without resorting to 'we're a small company so be patient' for years, then the game will deserve 5*. And when OTM makes changes based on player feedback (camping for years days and days that no one wants), then the game will deserve 5*. I've never seen a company that disregards what a majority of the player base requests. Oh and when OTM stops penalizing players for leveling a support class (druids), then you'll deserve 5*. I have never seen a game that because a player picks a avatar that is support minded, the leveling time is extreme compared to other classes. OTM wants to pump out new raid bosses and graphical changes but won't address issues that directly impact game play.

In terms of support, that is totally fair. We are taking steps to improve that. The tickets are generally getting responses (still working on this for emails) within 48 hours. We're a little behind this week, but it is a steady improvement from the 7-14 days that was the norm. I don't think being a small company is an excuse for customer support; I will do everything in my power to help improve that for you. In an effort to do this, we have hired another CS team member. You will all meet this team member soon. BUT their focus will not be on these forums at all. They will be on the tickets, emails and offer Thai support.

In terms of asking for dates, we ask for dates to confirm account ownership. We only ask for specific dates when it comes to purchases as this is tracked in your app stores transaction history. You don't have to remember these dates, you simply have to look them up. I would hope if you spent say $2k on the game, you would want us to make sure it's you asking for account login information? Not to mention the reports of accounts buying/sharing/etc, we need to be extra diligent on making sure we have the correct account owners.

For support, that is why we're asking for aprox. dates you have put in a ticket that hasn't been answered. We do think this is a weak link that needs to be addressed and improved on (greatly and swiftly). Changes don't happen over night, but there a ton of changes in the works. We will be cracking down to make sure players support issues are handled.

Now, for gameplay, that is a whole different process. The team is working on changes for Gardens based on the closed beta feedback. There are some other items we can't discuss yet in the works that may address some concerns.

Re: Celtic Heroes Future

^^ I appreciate the steps otm takes to verify the ownership of an account. It’s not just otm that does this. I’ve had trouble logging into accounts to other games and had to verify the purchases I’ve made via iTunes Store receipts. I’d lose my mind if someone was able to get a hold of my account easily. I’d love it if it even went as far as two step verification :D I can only hope...
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Re: Celtic Heroes Future

Muldar wrote:I'm off today (plus it is 11PM) but I wanted to reassure everyone that Celtic Heroes is still one of the biggest MMOs on mobile and we've only grown year after year. Muldar guarantee.
I agree the market has changed and mobile mmos are growing. Maybe we will have to change our view points on some stances or develop in different ways with new competition but that is just what we plan to do, while still retaining what makes us, us.
OTM has always been the underdogs, a small Scottish company, but the game we have made always amazes me. Celtic Heroes is a vibrant world filled to the brim with celtic lore, constantly being upgraded and developed with a dedicated, active and vocal community I am proud to represent.

We've got a lot planned. Design have been bursting with ideas and of course I've been twisting their arms on a few things ;)

Lot of stuff under review and proposals for changes made!

Thank you for your reply but honestly I dont see that much traffic to our server anymore. Yes new accounts still enter the server but many of them are alts to gear our main characters due to the current lock system. Don't forget about scammers making new accounts over and over again. Do you have numbers on how many people Celtic Heroes has attracted the past month? I'm very sure players would enjoy the first parts of the game until they hit the frozen quest, again they MUST enter a clan to even receive drops and the camping begins early on. I don't think that camping should be a thing anymore this time of age. It was good in the past but I think that windows should finally be reduced and that the focus on competition should be brought on EG Bosses
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Re: Celtic Heroes Future

game completely lacks realistic clan battles in theory now. (As mentioned large clans v smaller clans)
lack of people over timezones makes this game a virtually NO competition over certain time scale.

Way I see it from other games coming in the AppStore is the ability to sync with whatever platform you play on irrelevant to world/servers basically cross platform in worlds/servers)....that gains more people to play these games now.

OTM could of been ahead of this trend coming if they acted on server mergers a few years ago...that boat has sailed now.

THEY need to start forgetting about individuality of servers/worlds....you need to start working on a new vision.QUICK.

For example I’ve played since 2011..logged in same server over and over...now ask yourself this when you login do you really care if it’s YOUR INDIVIDUAL WORLD in 2018?


Re: Celtic Heroes Future

New games come out all of the time yes I agree but they are not always better to be honest, if CH is what you like playing there is nothing really similar on the market. All mobile app are pretty much free to play at first but then again they all have the option of in app purchases and if you want to get ahead you need to spend real life money.
It is a shame of course but then again no one can create games and work for free that would be silly and not logical.

I have only been playing a short time compared to others only just over half a year to be honest and I am progressing and enjoying the game every day.

I used to play Runescape and looked forward to the weekly updates and weekly new quest however big or small, it would be good if CH had something similar and also a QUEST CAPE would be awesome lol. ( who knows it might be possible).

I stopped playing PC games and went to Xbox for a couple of years but now with the development of good mobile apps I find Xbox etc not needed.

I don’t have all the answers for the long time gamers/players of CH I hope OTM can find something for all of you and the game keeps getting updated with OTM making enough revenue to keep ticking over as well.
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Re: Celtic Heroes Future

Im sure they'll find a way to make it stand out among all the other mmos. If not, then, well, ill be soloing as a low level player in Ros for awhile. :mrgreen:

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Re: Celtic Heroes Future

Tbh have been looking for another game similar to CH ( which i just found by luck).. But not many similar.
Tried the villagers yesterday but its graphs are really horrible.
CH seems to be one of the few mmorpg that combine good graphics ( not over the top) with good content. However the game needs more bosses, more events and some other armours weapons.

Re: Celtic Heroes Future

YourNightmare wrote:I’d like to know what steps you are taking on keeping the current player base. Yes, you will release Corrupted Gardens soon but why should we as a community still play your game? In the last months, more and more games have been published and many have been free and accessible. Why should we still waste time camping when we can play other games that offer faster windows and less time to progress?

Yep basically what the majority of players feel I would like to assume, but I think there is actually a chunk of the player base who love camping or just find it obligational, like its their job lol idk.

YourNightmare wrote:One of the ways you could achieve this is by expanding drop tables for gear bosses, giving a 4* boss a definite chance of dropping a drop. Another would be by increasing the pay 2-win aspect, maybe many people will not like this but who else will be paying otm’s bills? Watching ads for plat wont secure a future for the game therefore I am willing to sacrifice the game experience for more pay two win.

Probably the worst idea i've ever heard anyone suggest for a free to play game. The more pay to win a game is the more it will drive away new players, especially those that may be willing to spend a ton of time on the game. But to that point the game is already 100% reliant on people paying for the game and i'm grateful as a free to play player that there are people on servers willing to drop thousands for chests, basically keeps the game operational as id imagine none of the end game bosses could be killed without lixes pots and idols <-- still no in game methods to get these efficiently btw.

YourNightmare wrote:But this won’t fix the addressed issue, which is camping. OTM, why don’t you set up boss raids yourself? Why don’t you say that at x game time all divine bosses will spawn? I understand that smaller clans will get smashed by clans that have more people in it but something has to change. You (OTM), changed windows before so why not change them again? How about an 8hour window with a 2-day reset time.

Imo, camping isn't completely the core issue, its the fact that players aren't rewarded for the time they spend. For example, lets say you go to every 180 camp in a 12 hour period in addition to playing the game normally and socializing. I'm gonna guess that 90% of these were 4* that dropped nothing, and even if there was a 6* it most likely didn't drop what you needed, and even if it did, depending on distribution systems, theres probably a line of players waiting for that drop or someone else won the drop. At this point what I usually do is just try to accumulate gold and buy things cause getting better gear otherwise is pretty rare, unless if you're lucky.

YourNightmare wrote:This has been addressed a few times before but something needs to happen OTM and bringing new bosses won’t help clans that are smaller. We are all customers/players of your game and only want the best for you but why should we spend money on your game if progression takes so much time away from us? Why wait 2 hours for a boss to spawn? Why would we need to dedicate hours and hours of camping Bosses whilst we can play other games that give us more freedom to when we do something and are ensured its always up? The horizontal content brought to us is/was great but I believe that we need to see faster responses to what the community likes instead of what development plans on doing.

I'd like to say you signed up for this xD. The game is based around a world boss system where everything spawns in the open, most mainstream mmos just have instanced dungeons allowing people to progress at their own pace, but CH is different. It's probably the only reason other than the fact that its not pay to win that i play the game; usually I try out new mmos on the play store and drop them in a week as they all seem like recycled with the same exact systems for progression with the same auto-pathing and auto combat basically playing the game for you. The thing that makes CH different is the sense of community built within each server rather than just a bunch of randoms auto queueing for some loot.

YourNightmare wrote:Why not fix the existing bugs/class rebalances before you push out the new HUGE update? I am sure all of us can wait but please let’s fix the games flaws together instead of releasing new updates, in which plenty more bugs will occur and I am 100% sure that there are people out there like me that are willing to help you. Why don’t you keep a Test Server up and running for selected few to test out things, give you bugs, push out updates to test around?

I agree with the class rebalances, but i'd prefer a new progression system allowing more build diversity rather than having 2-3 meta builds for each class. and huge updates are necessary for the game's survival cause the game as it self is not fun for combat, the only fun part about the combat is the potential strategy involved in end game bosses. And theres only so much time that you can spend grinding the same bosses for the at a rare drop which you have a chance at getting.
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Re: Celtic Heroes Future

Btw why not completely remove 4* fillers, they're a massive waste of time and a source of a lot of demotivation. It could also fix that dl/edl bottleneck. And for those arguing it would make the game easy. No, it wont, dl and edl are just a base getting the boss jewelry that you need to be op and dg is already gonna take years.
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Re: Celtic Heroes Future

For everyone who is complaining about boss times and how 4* should have a definite drop, you are most definitely in a non dominant clan, and your clan can’t even kill 6*. Most likely if you tryed to Join the Dom clan you’d be rejected on the spot, because of who you are and your history on your server. OTM obviously implemented this feature to make sure that we don’t get gear that easily, and that we need to join together to get it. It also saves them time to think of new ideas and implement them into the game before players end up quiting. Have you noticed that all older players come back in new releases to see if they wanna play again? That’s because they have everything and they want to have something new to do. This game is fine how it is and slowly but surely it’s getting better and better.
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