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Celtic Timer Update! Instructions for new version (PLEASE READ)

Hi all, I recently finished an update for Celtic Timer and wanted to give everyone a walkthrough on how to use the new features. Note that only some of these steps are only for Admin Users. If you created the group and are the admin you will have to register yourself and approve yourself before you have access to the timers also. This includes existing yourself as an admin user (steps to do this are listed below)

But for most users, if you already have an account you just need to do Step 2.

If you are new and registering for the first time you need to do Steps 1 & 2.

STEP 1: ALL USERS // NEW USERS: You must first register for an account with your email, once that is done you will be able to move to Step 2.

STEP 2: EXISTING USERS: For all users, you must request access to a group before you can access the Timers, in order to do this follow these steps:

-Click on the button labeled "REQUEST GROUP ACCESS" then enter your group name and a display name for your account(this is the name the admins will see when adding/removing users)

-Once this info is all filled out click "LOAD USER UUID" (this loads a unique ID number associated with your account) after this is done click on "REQUEST GROUP ACCESS"

-After doing this you will see a confirmation label saying that the user request was sent.

-Now, wait for an admin to approve your request.

STEP 3: ADMIN USERS ONLY // ADMIN USERS APPROVING/DENYING GROUP REQUESTS (must have admin password you registered your group with if you forgot it contact me and I can reset it for you)

-After you log in click on "ADMIN CONTROL PANEL" then click on "APPROVE/DENY REQUESTS" (This is where admins can approve or deny requests)

-Fill out the group name and group password then click on "LOAD REQUESTS"(This will load a list of all user requests into the table view below)

-Click on the user you want to add in the table view, it will automatically load the display name and user UUID, now click "APPROVE REQUEST" a label saying the user was added will appear.

-To remove a user just click the "DECLINE REQUEST" instead of the "APPROVE REQUEST" and the request will be deleted.

STEP 4: ADMIN USERS ONLY // ADD ADMIN USERS (This makes regular users into Admin users, admin users will still need the admin password, until the next update)


-Fill out the group name and admin password and enter their UUID and display name for the user you want to add. This can be retrieved from the user themselves or from the manage users table view.

-Click on "ADD ADMIN" and the user will be given admin privileges.

-To see all the authorized Admin users fill out the group name and admin password then click "LOAD ADMINS" this populates a list of all authorized admins in the table view.

-To remove an Admin user click on them in the table view then click "REMOVE ADMIN"

-Fill in the group name and group admin password, then click "LOAD USERS" all users in the group will be loaded into the table view below.
-To remove a user click on them in the table view then click "REMOVE USER"


-Ads in the app pay for the database, the best way of supporting the app and to keep allowing it to be free is by looking at an add a few times a day, you can do this by clicking on an ad 2-5 times a day. This goes a long way and helps limit the costs for me.

-Admin password will soon be decapitated, and be replaced by checking to see if the Users UUID has access to admin privileges or not. That will be in the next update.

-There is also a Change Admin Password button that is pretty self-explanatory.

-If anyone needs videos or clarification on anything please respond and ill try to be more clear.

Thanks all, I just released this update to the app store, so it may take a few hours before it shows up for everyone.
Salinor- lvl 220

Re: Celtic Timer Update! Instructions for new version (PLEASE READ)

Goldenknife12 wrote:Hey salinor, in the past few weeks it always log out of my account when i close the app and now in the last couple days it dosent suggest me the clan names anymore and i need to write the full name everytime. Can you pls fix it?

Fix to the first problem is to leave the app running, apps get disabled once you go out of them anyways and unlike popular belief it's actually better to not completely close out of apps . You are better to put hem all into the background because it takes more energy to completely reload them.

As for the clan name are you talking about the new version? I will be implementing auto fill for all text fields soon, was having some problems with it last night but will look into it again today.
Salinor- lvl 220

Re: Celtic Timer Update! Instructions for new version (PLEASE READ)

Salinor wrote:
Chrollo Lucilfer wrote:Need android version :)

Looking into Android Studio. Downloaded last night on my surface book 2 but there will be a learning curve when making it since I’ll have to teach myself. Everything I’ve done so far has been self taught so it takes a little longer.

Great to hear that, take you time :)
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Re: Celtic Timer Update! Instructions for new version (PLEASE READ)

Hi, looked at your app. A few suggestions though.
1) Suppose the user disagrees with an endgame timer. The edit feature has a 24 hour spinner. That doesn’t cut it.
2) Opentime is needed. Not just the count down. Makes it easier to communicate with other.
3) time zone for open time in 2 above. Display current user time and display in a user selectable time zone (est, gmt, etc)


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