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Re: Clan War Servers

Apples-Bele wrote:
Thefreeze wrote: As you can see from the perfect relationship of Zkills and Apples

Are you insane

Ummmm yea... I hate apples
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Re: Clan War Servers

Belenus is never a super strong super active server... But its a nice home Id never replace for anywhere else.

There have been couple months of heavy smack talk and even griefing us on a gele fight but those things are usually rare and caused by selective few, whom seem to have quit now. Its a quiet peaceful server, griefing is never done and heavily discouraged, smack talk is mostly gone, I personally always greet Ronins with 'greetings mortals' at stand-offs... Nothing bad. For example Zkills is from Elem and apples is from Ronin.

Overall Belenus has always been rather peaceful but always had a few ill meaning players who enjoy the smack, griefing and heavy drama, but nowadays drama is as said rather personal (sometimes taken publicly), everyone knows everyone, same crap, and everyone knows Im amazing player and person and therefore they all love me. So really, join us, Im really great.
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Re: Clan War Servers

Heren is a very active server with two main clans.

We have Lazy Drunks, an end game clan that’s DKP (that was stated in an earlier post) who is more a USA time base.

Then, TheOtherSide, a newier, smaller, exciting clan that’s more Europe based, currently rolls for drops (as it’s a smaller clan) and recently doing all, but not yet Gelberon.

Sadly, there is a little grief but that’s mmo I guess. I personally never get involved as I see that there is a great need for two vs clans. If one clan dominates a server, that’s like game over. Dominating a server kills fun. Kills the drive and competition - You get what you want and stop logging. What’s the point? It’s like when u enter a cheat code and u ruin your game on pc. And why I never understood grief..

But overall Herne is a lovely server.
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Re: Clan War Servers

Just to explain Bele a bit more. Ronin does dkp, simple as that. The generals vote on DG, EDL and DL.

Elementals vote on everything, the guardians and generals (ofc the chief too) vote on everything, while still differing boss drops from edl/dg/dl (so getting dg piece doesnt affect u getting boss drop and vice versa), and yes many ppl have protested that we should do dkp, but thats our way since 2012, and we wont force anyone to stay and follow our system if they cant agree to it. Thats part of our clan and if u join us make sure ur aware :)
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