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Re: Fashion concept ideas

Oh my gosh! I am in love with both. I would certainly wear your corrupted gardens inspired design! ❤️ Anything plant related is bae...
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Re: Fashion concept ideas

I think both are really cool! Kinda wanna see a boy version of the first one, but awesome job tho :)
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Re: Fashion concept ideas

I was thinking since we have cooking and fishing why not tailoring skills? We already get cloth and chainmail drops from mobs why not have a way to make your own fashion?
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Re: Fashion concept ideas

I’d personally like to see more fashion with wings. The fairy fashion is limiting, and the Faewynd wings aren’t that visible. Maybe a demon outfit, with bat wings and horns.
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Re: Fashion concept ideas

I love them both!! I agree that they lean more Druid-y but who cares? The current shaman fashion has pretty wide appeal for all classes, but looks to be Druid-y.

What do you think about something with more obvious thorns, like a thorn armor for warriors / rangers, or poison ivy jerkin for rogues?
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