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Will acc be deleted

Real life gets busy and sometimes I may not have a chance to log will my acc be deleted? I know games like league and runescape after a certain time frame acc get deleted or like some games does username clean up does anyone know if otm does this?

Re: Will acc be deleted

Sadly no :(
Someone 7 years ago took the name Bob and quit after 5 minutes :cry:
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Re: Will acc be deleted

Runescape doesnt delete the acc after a long inactive stint. I played long long long ago and recently logged on with my brothers pc. My acc was still there and i got a cool looking 10 year cape cause the acc was 10 years old :D

Also i wish otm deleted accs that never made it past lvl 1...the name ventius is taken on 3 servers all by lvl 1 toons...so forced me to make vent1us :( i stole all the rest of the servers tho :lol:
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