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Forum Competition Winners Announced!


We've picked our favorite entrants to the New Year, New You competition!

As always we had amazing community entries but we had to narrow it down to just 6, so in no particular order congratulations go to!

Lark of Belenus
New Years Resolution: To max my damage and help my clan take on harder bosses.

Bucket McPail of Fingal
New Years Resolution: To get a level 3 fishing bear buddy.

Seasalt of Rosmerta
New Years Resolution: To budget my time wisely, and to reach the master end game of culinarian and angler heights.

SPLEND1D of Fingal
New Years Resolution: To get married and lead a happy life, raising good children.

Storn of Danu
New Years Resolution: Increase my heal to the coveted 14,000

Beheadeth of Crom
New Years Resolution: Help others more often and put full effort into everything.

Many thanks to all who entered, rewards for winners will be sent out shortly!
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