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Re: Farewell

Best of luck out there Anex :) There will always be a monument to your legacy in the celtic halls of fame. Thanks for sharing your codes and thank you for your contributions to the community over the years.
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Re: Farewell

What an enormous loss. I struggle to count on one hand the people that have made such an enormous contribution to this game's community. OTM would be wise to disclose the kind of information that anex provided in his database.

Best of luck and thank you so much for all you have done (and the forum banning bs you put up with from OTM for years). Maybe we can persuade you to update after cg comes out. :)
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Re: Farewell

Hopefully corrupted gardens comes with the needed changes to revitalize this game...
Sick of reliance on loot boxes, camping, and leveling alts to gear my main to play this game... time to see if OTM has listened to the feedback :)

On a more personal note... really gunna miss seeing your site gone, its been an amazing tool and has really helped me out! hopefully someone else can take over :)
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