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Re: GOT my Chicken chaser prizes and here's my review

definitely a higher lvl chicken pet, also idk how much asset design it would take to put a hat on it but that would be cool and unique though not completely necessary, the higher lvl chicken pet would be fine. mostly just something to justify the time spent on the competition and maybe even something that is unique, stands out to show to people that you came top ten in the competition, currently the hats just look like purple and turquoise, not much standing out about them.

Re: GOT my Chicken chaser prizes and here's my review

Tadaaah wrote:Hey guys. We get where you are coming from and we understand we have some missed opportunity lately. I would like to steer this conversation in a direction that will be more useful to us.

WITHOUT putting too much into making new art assets, what are some cool prizes you would enjoy?

I figured that the chickens would be appropriate for the toon level they were earn’t on, for example a 220 toon getting a level 6 and 150 getting a level 4. I think the chickens wearing Yule Hats would have been a cool addition.

Maybe the things that bosses wear? For example a winterking outfit/charm would be really cool.

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Re: GOT my Chicken chaser prizes and here's my review

I especially participated in this competition, because of the pets. I’m not a heavy plat buyer nor rich so saw this as an opportunity to get some pet tokens.

The first few days went awesome. Quit the last few, because I was certain of being in the top ten and trying to get into the top 3 was too much effort I couldnt spare due to irl and bosses in-game.

Afterwards I’m really glad that I skipped the last few days, 1-3 more pet tokens and another hats dont really portray the amount of effort put in the competition :roll:

Re: GOT my Chicken chaser prizes and here's my review

Although I disagree with how we've gone about bringing this issue up to OTM, I do totally agree that these people deserve more.

Zenther alone worked his ass off for those 24k chickens, and then all he gets is a dinky little chicken and two hats? This was a mistake..

Having won in a drawing competition last Ostara 2016, I can say with certainty that any competition takes skill and determination to win- and this chicken thing took these guys 7 days of stress while I took about an hour drawing, and I got 200 platinum for that!

Seeing as you won't need to change or add assets for this to happen, I'd say these guys deserve a chicken pet, MAXED regardless of level, as well as at least some platinum. Cos even to me, two hats that I'll never wear and a chicken I'll never use definitely isn't gonna cut it.

Sad to say that this will probably discourage players from participating in this type of event again.. At least the Fishing competition fashion was decent.
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