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Some questions on pets.

So I was wondering is there a guide to which pet is best for which class and the likes?

I’ve seen what each pet gives but was wandering if there is a big old guide I could read and if no what do you recommend pet wise for each class and spec?
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Re: Some questions on pets.

Bitey should have a guide on this, and if he doesn't nows his chance! Haha

Since you're a warrior you may want to choose a strength or focus or vitality pet depending on your build and personal preference. Since your wife is a druid (and I'm guessing you two play together most of the time) you may not need a vit pet as she'll be healing you. Strength is a good option of you have good regens or sigils.

The species of pet just depends on what you like following you around and which one of their skills you prefer the most.
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Re: Some questions on pets.

me i went for wolf first and i even made wolf mount cause i thought wolfs are cool lol...but wolf pet was not a bad choice as it gives str and its skill has really helped me drag mobs while lixing when they are in group(other dps pets do to)...also mount stat covered up my energy stat and added def and precision along with its nice pierce damage skill(around 2.5k pierce damage right now as i went for brown just to get 100% speed since my horse is just 90% and few more points from silver tier didnt bother me)...these were really good for me in those days for lixing....but right now i made bear mount to be more tanky and rabbit as having a mini druid on me is really good

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