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Food of the Gods Patch Notes

Next week!

Just joking ;) here's the full list!


- Cooking System
Heroes who wish to dabble in the Culinary Arts should pay a visit to the esteemed Gideon Ramsford in the Smugglers Rest Tavern! Gideon has a wealth of experience as a renowned chef and is more than happy to teach those who are willing to learn.
Delve into the art of Cooking and learn to create consumable items that boost various stats and restore health and mana!

- Cooking Bosses
New cooking mini bosses with rare recipe item drops.

- Additional Fishing Content
Anglers of Dal Riata can now continue honing their skills in even more places throughout the realms! Those who have already reached the peak of what Stonevale fishing has to offer should pay a visit to Baird Macklyn in Fingal’s Cave to continue their craft!
Seasoned anglers will also be able to purchase cooking recipes from the master fishermen in each zone, and cook better versions of the food they already have on offer.

- 200 New Bounties
Lord MacLir has posted a variety of new bounties on the bounty board, increasing the variety of tasks available to heroic aspirants and proven champions alike.

- Story Questline Continuation
The main questline that last took players on an adventure through the labyrinthine tunnels of Dunskeig Sewers has been further expanded. Heroes who have completed all the available quests should report to the den of the Aldington Company in Dunskeig, to see what more they can do.

- Daily Login Rewards
A new system to reward dedicated heroes has been introduced! Simply log in to start claiming your rewards!

- Two New Fashion Sets
The fashion vendors in Farcrag Castle have acquired exotic new fashions from far-off lands, Samurai and Regalia fashion. Bring them fashion tokens and they will happily exchange their wares with you.

- New Cooking Fashion Set
Available to only the finest of chefs, complete daily quests to earn cooking caches and win cooking fashion tokens. Gordon Ramsay would be proud.

- Chicken Pet
“Cluck Cluck! Bawk!” "I've spent a large amount of time today editing a video about a chicken pet, I'm both proud and horrified with myself" - Muldar

- Warhorse Battle Mount
The stable masters in Farcrag Castle have invested a great amount of time in training a fearsome new type of Battle Mount for heroes to use in combat. Bring them mount tokens and they will happily part with their newly trained steeds!

- Tutorial System
A new, engaging tutorial system has been added. Designed for heroes taking their first steps into the lands of Dal Riata, this tutorial guides aspiring heroes through the ins and outs of Celtic Heroes.

- Bid tracking
New auction tracking! View your active auctions to ensure you are the highest bidder.

- Jackpot Dragon Pet
A fearsome scaled companion that was old when the world was young! 4 types of legendary Dragon Pets can now be gained via exclusive dragon eggs found in the Premium Chest. "Basically a lizard with wings!" - Arken

- Sentinel Fall XP adjustment
(Possibly missed from a previous patch note)
Adjusted XP levels for the Sentinel Fall quest. XP moved to other questline repeatable quests.

- Hud Button Changes + Whisper Shortcut
New visual update to the HUD display. Additional Whisper Reply button to quickly reply to whispered messages.

- Sit Emote
Sit emote has been added to the emotes menu.

- Tavern Renovations
Darra the Innkeeper has had extensive tavern renovations! Extreme renovations considering the cost and effort that went in to having that great chunk of leystone brought in. Apparently it was too big to get in through the doors and so part of the front wall had to be removed. - Robbo5000
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Re: Food of the Gods Patch Notes

Muldar wrote:Next week!

Just joking ;) here's the full list!

Nearly spit my drink out. :lol:

ddfdff wrote:Missed all that huge part of 'Sneaky Updates'?

Like new toons starting with 20 backpack slots, old toons still base 10 slots?

I started a new toon on each side of the tutorial and it does make a noticeable difference... Love the tutorial though!

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Re: Food of the Gods Patch Notes

Shouldn't that be 3 new fashion sets? Desmond Kilpatrick is feeling somewhat underappreciated at the moment, and is considering handing in his apron and going back to college to get his level 3 city and guilds in cart maintenance.
Darra the Innkeeper is also unhappy that her extensive tavern renovations have gone unnoticed too. Especially considering the cost and effort that went in to having that great chunk of leystone brought inn. Apparently it was too big to get in through the doors and so part of the front wall had to be removed.

And on a side note, you may also want to revise some off the copy and paste sections and remove the couple of references to beta testing :shock:

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Re: Food of the Gods Patch Notes

Robbo5000 wrote:
ddfdff wrote:Info on number of human remains added to each map would be nice. I still found surprise location 2 days ago.

Muldar wrote:...
here's the full list!

It would seem that this statement is becoming less and less accurate :lol:

There's always something that gets missed, we've been working on the update so long :lol:

Updating now. Good catch and many thanks Robbo.
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