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Platinum Prices and Platinum offers

I get really confused by some of the prices of platinum versus a lot of the offers that are available via NativeX and other free platinum services.

So without getting into how well or badly things are priced,
There’s an offer that I can do on a different game that gives me 85 platinum for any purchase (lowest being £0.99),
So basically if I download a different app and make a purchase on that I’d get 8x the amount of platinum I’d get if I spent £0.99 on Celtic Heroes.

This remains consistent with higher purchases, 850 platinum for a £10 offer versus spending £10 in game, receiving 150 Platinum.

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Re: Platinum Prices and Platinum offers

FireBreath wrote:Too bad the offers never work

yup :/
gave up on doing the offers a bit ago...

Maybe OTM can try and find a way to work on figuring out why this is?
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Re: Platinum Prices and Platinum offers

The offers work....kinda.

Problem is they don't always go to the right account. I have 500+ plat sitting on my druid and 120+ on my ranger that should have gone to my warrior since that's the acc I did the offers from. Messaged support to see if they can move the plat. No reply. Can't say I'm surprised.
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Re: Platinum Prices and Platinum offers

YES, i can’t do any offers but i used to do them all the time to get alts and rebirths to help my build, but now none of them work, from any source.

If otm could possibly figure out how to fix this, or if it fails due to a previous update, id love to know! :D
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Re: Platinum Prices and Platinum offers


The free platinum offers are dealt with by a third party.

Offers and the amount of plat awarded for said offers is set by them, not us.

However if you have issues with the offers and have not received your platinum even after you have contacted the people offering the reward, then please email a copy of your interaction with their support team to support@onethumbmobile.com and we shall see what we can do to help.
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