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Re: dual logging

Itachi1917 wrote:Not against it, im all for it, was more just curious of otm stance, i find dual logging useful, the only reason i gave a suggestion on how to reduce it is because personally i would like to see majority of melee damage coming from skills not autos, a completely different issue however i would think reduce those multi-boxing.

That would be nice, however it would be really hard to implement well. Lets take rogues for example, if their damage was lowered, then their skill damage would have to be pretty majorly buffed in order to compensate. I would much rather keep it the same than see insanely high skill hits from rogues, as they already do enough insta damage. And no, I wouldn’t think that it would reduce multi-boxing. People would still be doing it regardless, it would just require a little extra effort.

I regularly dual log my mage and ranger, and when I do that, most of my attention is on my mage (because of the constant skills), but I can still use my ranger skills, it just requires me to keep swapping my attention between them constantly.
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Re: dual logging

As someone who trilogs every gele... I don't see a reason why it should be limited. It's a lot more work than nonmultiloggers think it is... especially when what you are doing is time sensitive (for example: bashing gele or freezing x-tals).
Also it takes work aside from just using all at the same time, from leveling up a new toon, using double the plat items (not just logging one at a time, double normal plat usage), etc...
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