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Re: CH Purely Pay To Win Gaming? Yes/No

There are ways to make alot of gold with minimal effort. Open your mind a bit and look around..p2w? No i disagree however a game like this needs funding and our spending effects the type of content that gets added to the game..so i wouldnt complain too much.

Basic essentials can be found through the bounty board and the cooking and fishing helps bridge the gap between new players and mid levels. Only thing i struggle with getting without plat items is idols tbh maybe otm could add this to the bounty supply store..:)

As for the new dragon pet..its been out for over a day let otm rake in the cash from the people that want it..im sure after the hype wears down a bit a diffetent way to get dragon eggs will be added.

Re: CH Purely Pay To Play Gaming? Yes/No

Several games nowadays have the option to pay real money to enhance the experience of the player, often frustrating him unless he pays up.

Good ways to milk players of the money they thought they wouldn't spend in the game include: energy bars that reduce the time he can devote to his game, huge timers that need to be reduced for the player to be able to continue his journey, better gear to deal with players that don't want to pay, and, the most common one, the existence of a currency in the game that can't be earned without your credit card.

Based on the above definition of pay-to-win...

Is Celtic heroes PURELY pay to win ???

Considering that the Ingame currency is sufficient to a great extent to enhance the experience of the plat-poor gamer right up to endgame... Provided the player takes advantage of the (plat-free) means whereby to obtain it in copious amounts.

GRANTED There are much needed platinum buyers on which a great majority of the gamers depend for the distribution of platinum items (consumables in particular)...

but does it make CH 100% ptw?

When a vast majority of gamers are enabled through their relationship with the platHolders to get whatever supplies they need without their credit cards?

The same goes for gear.

Although some of the most essential gear items are themselves obtainable through cooperation (bossraids) - strictly speaking requiring no expenditure at all.

As far as the new dragons are concerned...

Hope that clarifies my initial statements starting the thread.

And... well... With all its ins and outs... As a plat buyer and rigorous player I'm still in favor of voting Celtic Heroes as not 100 percent pay-to-win...

Pay to Play it is by definition NOT. There's no argument - it's a free to play game.
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Re: CH Purely Pay To Win Gaming? Yes/No

Is CH Pay to win? ya. Whether you have to pay, someone has to for you to "win." That much is irrefutable. But it is free to play. You may need to kill gele to "win" but you don't need to to "play."

regardless, as long as there are enough plat buyers the game can stay free for the rest of us.
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Re: CH Purely Pay To Win Gaming? Yes/No

Robert wrote:Really interesting documentary. Really explains why an MMO is forced to introduce micro transactions and pay to win - even if it’s not in the best interests of the game. Really goes into how communication with the player base is great. Including polling all contents that’s added with a 75%+ pass minimum

Yeeeeee, cant wait for RS mobile

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