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Re: What's in the closed beta?

xAndrey wrote:
Eduin wrote:
xAndrey wrote:It’s a closed beta for a reason. If OTM wanted everyone to know they would have published it as Open

Are you stupid? Read the topic before you reply to my thread idiot.

In response to your smart azz remark..
title of the topic: “what’s in the closed beta”
-I been in all closed betas since early 2012 but this one.. when one asks “what is in the closed beta” they are wondering what is in the CLOSED BETA..

CLOSED BETA is for small amount of players to test last things such: new items and other stuff that was changed.
There for.. players cannot say what they have done in the beta or what is new in the beta..

To end this all up.. you messed up when titiling this topic and now getting mad because you are an idiot :)

You're such annoying off topic idiot.

Don't reply to my thread when you only coming with *** off topic unfathomable I don't give a *** about. (and already know)

You don' think others outside of the closed beta doesn't know what's in it?

Re-read the topic. If you know something. Pm or reply. Now don't reply.

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