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Food of the Gods - Closed Beta!


The Food of the Gods update is heating up (an unintentional pun I swear) with even more content being added!

With the last of our player feedback changes complete, bugs squashed and one more exciting addition to the release, we are hosting a small closed iOS beta.

(No Closed Android Beta unfortunately, the Android testing environment still limits us to iOS)


This will be using the original sign up sheet so no further sign-ups are required, testers will be emailed tomorrow regarding beta as we select participants.

Beta next Monday the 16th of October with roughly 40 testers, myself, Esq and Taps once the build has been approved for Testflight.

Look forward to testing with you again!

Muldar /
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Re: Food of the Gods - Closed Beta!

AnzacTerk wrote:Muldar: pick Liv. She is a reliable player and represents us well.


wish i could have been more active in origional beta :/ RL stuff made me unavailable for game as a whole. #blameirma was catching up on 1.5 weeks worth of work cuz of Irma lol. damn hurricanes :/ maybe i can make next closed beta xD
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boymclir wrote:Bob The God

Shadae wrote:This Bob guy is a guide? Legitimately?

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