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What are the odds

Arawn just had both hrung and mordy spawn at the exact same time. Resurgence killed mordy an colours killed hrung. Within minutes of mordy dying, aggy spawned lol what are the odds firstly of hrung and mord spawning exact same time and secondly of aggy spawning moments after
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Re: What are the odds

The chance of Hrung and Mord spawning at the exact same second is 1 / 16,796,160,000 .. within 2 seconds of each other would be half of that, etc etc

What's Aggy spawn window? 32h? Idk, let's use that. The chance of Aggy also spawning in the 20 minutes after that Mord/Hrung is 1 / 1,612,431,360,000

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Re: What are the odds

It's not that unusual for multiple bosses to spawn around the same time. Maybe not within 0.1 seconds of each other but we have had many instances when Gele or Mord or Proteus or Necro will spawn 10-15s after the other has spawned

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