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Re: Developer Update: Pet Reveal / Mini Event / Beta

cowanhook wrote:Well that's not good :(
But we can do some suggestions after the test in order to let OTM know of possible adjustments before they officially release the update right?
And ill be also still able to play on main game while during beta too? Or have we dedicated for the beta only?

cowanhook wrote:I also would like to know if we get some kind of reward after the beta, I have heard from other players that in the last beta players got some items afterwards. I know it sounds demanding but I think that would be fair also compared to players who did indeed get something in the last beta. I for instance, could not try out the last beta so for me this is the very first time

Beta testing is supposed to be the final stage of testing and is designed to be as close to real world testing as possible using a cross section of real world users.
The idea is to test all the new content, I.e. New cooking, updated fishing content, new battle mount, new pet, new quest lines, etc., along side ensuring all current content still works as before. You will be expected to report any issues and bugs found. With all the new stuff, feedback should be encouraged, but suggesting radically different changes to the new stuff just because you think it would be 'better' would not be appreciated, unless you could provide damned good reasons as to why. This is also not the time to report every little thing that you feel is not how you want it. It is purely a time to evaluate and test all the new things subjectively.
As far as rewards go, the reward is to see and play all the new work before everyone else. OTM have not once suggested beta testers will be rewarded this time, so to expect anything more than the thrill of seeing new stuff first would be inappropriate. If, and it's a big if, OTM reward beta testers in any other way, this should be seen as a massive, unexpected bonus, irrespective of what had previously happened.
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