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This game is broken

The quests in this game are full of bugs and glitches.
Support doesnt do anything and posting on bug forum doesnt work.
I love this game I really do but all i can do is help everyone else do quests or farm because mine always brake after a few quests into the questline.

Mages broken quests::
Drevin's Dreaded Double
I have all parts of quest complete but when i try and turn in it kicks me out of talking to the Danil the Fleet (the npc) and doesnt complete quest
Traitors unmasked
kicks me out of talkin to the person in this quest to but dont care as much its just added proof

Mage lvl 140
name pewpewmage
world lirs

Rogues broken quests::
Unsure of name
I have to kill 3 firebolg skurs in murkey but the i did and when i went to finish the quest it disappeared from my quest log

Rogue lvl 88
name pewpewshankz
world lirs
level 170 Fire Mage
PewPewMage Items: http://www.celticheroes.net/profile.php?hero=PewPewMage

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