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Idea for a new server

I have an idea for a new server (probably because I'm a mostly free to play means free to play, I rarely spend money on games). It would be a no platinum server, so that means there would be a lot of stuff missing, but it would still probably be lots of fun. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE but hackers would get no advantage. Anyone else agree?

Re: Idea for a new server

Ya would be cool but people wouldn't survive a week without plat items... Plus killing raids would be extremely difficult, although it would encourage cooperation between clans which would be cool.
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Re: Idea for a new server

It would take a long time before raids happened if you had 0 plat items. It would take a long time to level up. It would mean travel would suck as you'd have 0 mounts until you could do enough bounties to get something decent
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