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Re: a major problem i want to address

ive had the chance to talk to a few OTM employees in the Betas, mostly in the closed ones as they were more private and not so full of spammers.
Well they are very Player friendly and tryn hard to make the game fun as possible.
its their job to make this game.. people should rly Not relieve their anger anywhere towards them.

eventho i prefered the old engine i still love the game.
so does everyone who plays.
be nice , it all comes back
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Re: a major problem i want to address

Bash wrote:That video was the cringiest thing I have ever watched. He sounded like an angry 12 year old who thinks he's a martyr fighting for civil rights... and the impressions... The impressions he made were probably the worst part of the video.

Im dead :lol:

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Re: a major problem i want to address

I agree that OTM does have a content issue. And it's always been that way, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, because creating a 3D game with a large amount of content isn't easy. The really detailed games with hundreds of workers take years and years. Unless you're like Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty and just copy the previous game to develop a new one. Other than that, OTM is releasing their game piece by piece, once a year, so they can't afford to develop a lot in that time, and I don't believe they have hundreds of people developing either. SO we get what we get. --- Now the legacy idea was nice, because it brings back the previous events. OTM could do that or they could design a few more new bosses and release winter and summer events for us to keep busy in the past-time. ------ On the other hand, I hardly see this community trying to help OTM rather than just telling them what they should do. We all knew they wanted to make it cross-platform, and maybe someone did, but I at least haven't seen anyone raising their hands to say: Hey! How will you fix this issue before you actually do cross the engines? Pointing out what may seem the obvious, but which can clearly be looked over by accident.

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Re: a major problem i want to adress

boymclir wrote:I think it's not OTM fault.
I think it's the fault of these greedy high lvl players.

How so? Aren't you one of those 'High level players'? Are OTM's servers down because some 'greedy high level players' want compensation for the 50$+ wasted on trying to play an unplayable game?

Re: a major problem i want to address

So funny to read its not OTMs fault that the game is lagging as its due to the hosting servers. So who choose the server providers and to stick with them? Was it those greedy high lvl players mentioned before?
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