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problem whit Text Board

after a trade or somethink other i cant Text words anymore just showing numbers.. if i log put and Start game new it works again just till doing again a trade then it shows again only numbers on the texrboard! does any have the same Problem
I play on a Samsung s7.

the other problem i have is that i had on ios and Android same USER ID
I can log into my Android Account but if i try to log in in the ios Account whit my Samsung it dont work. what can i do please help and sry for my english.

Re: problem whit Text Board

I'm not sure what the deal is with the keyboard, like TroubledSHOT said, try downloading a different keyboard (you can get them from the google play store).

The Android/IOS account login issue is one that OTM is working on a permanent solution for. Right now, the only way to log on to an IOS account from an Android device is to add ^IOS after the username. If you are trying to log an Android account from an IOS device, you need to add ^Android.

Hope that helps!
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