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Re: Servers down

There's been continued login problems since the new launch. It's frustrating when a lot of us actually spend cash to support a game that doesn't work 3-4+ times everyday. This can only happen so many times before moving on to different games, which I'd prefer to not do.

Re: Servers down

I am experiencing the same inability to login. Not getting to character screen.
Maybe it's time to switch to U-verse

I can log on with my iPhone 5 but not my Samsung tab. I thought this was a cross platform improvement.

My main is in Balor on the tab and when I login on the I phone, Balor is not a world choice. Does anyone know how this dual devicing works?

I was wanting to try dual boxing but I still have yet to find a forum that adressss it step by step for a noob.

I read Biteys guide but it doesn't tell me how to get logged in. Do I need separate accounts on same server? Or is it just a Balor world/server issue?

Also how do I transfer my character if it is.
Thanks in advance for any advice you pros can lend this rookie.


Re: Servers down

If you are having problems logging in (no/not all servers shown in the world select screen) then first try:

Android: Force close, clear cache and data from Celtic Heroes and relaunch the game.

iOS: Force close, clear device cache by holding the Home button while the 'swipe to power off' message is shown.

Hopefully this will help with some of the log-in issues encountered and I will check in with programming team regarding the issues reported.

Thank You,

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Re: Servers down

It's not an account or device issue, it's a server issue. I experience it on both iOS and Android devices on wifi and 4G. Funilly enough, I've been on calls with people that weirdly experience the same issue at the same time. My solution is just wait till the login server is working again.

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Re: Servers down

Perhaps OTM should hire some professional help to fix this xD

Sorry, but this is beyond ridiculous

- It's never to late to undo wrong decisions. The players should be compensated for losing premium paid items due to in game bugs.
- I pledge to never buy any platinum for as long as the Hoax continues

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