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Re: Celtic heroes on mobile data

BloodPrincess wrote:So any fix for this? Or am I deleting Celtic heroes?

I'd recommend posting your device and carrier here so OTM has a place to start looking. I'd think it would be easier for them to know that someone is disconnecting with an 'iPhone 5s on Sprint' rather than just saying 'my phone keeps disconnecting'.
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Re: Celtic heroes on mobile data

XxDiabloxX wrote:
IKFROMMABON wrote:So would people recommend using a VPN then? Celtic heroes on iPhone is kicking me off game every 5 minutes, very annoying. Trying to find a solution. Problem only occurs right after updates and usually lasts 3-4 weeks :/

From what I read using a vpn is risky especially if it's a free one. The one aileron mentioned, Betternet, is known to download malware. Tbh imma just stay away from vpns and wait for otm to fix this

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Re: Celtic heroes on mobile data

Regenleif wrote:Also, for those with issues, go into Settings and make sure CH is permitted to use data.

Yeah I tried turning it off and on data again also turned data completely off and on again and nothing works. I guess it's otms end that isn't working.
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Re: Celtic heroes on mobile data

I have not been able to login since the update without wifi, but unfortunately my wifi dies not work well. If I try to use data I get connecting on login screen for a second then nothing. I have tried everything nothing is working I did not have this problem until cross platform went live. My data is on I'm using a iPhone 5s and my mobile company is metro pcs.

Re: Celtic heroes on mobile data

Thank you for reporting. We are currently looking into this but it isn't a simple issue as some mobile connections appear to be working and others are not.

If you could post your device model and operating system version and who your network provider is it may help us pin down the cause of this.

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