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Re: Old Engine dreams

Regenleif wrote:The old engine was very constrained... Often, suggestions were met with "Sorry, but this is not possible with the current engine". They updated it a few times, but still, it was a pain compared to now:

The graphics were pretty bad, the mechanics were simple, the gear stats were very limited, the game was prone to crashes, class imbalance was VERY real, lots of wierd glitches... People like it in hindsight because there used to be LOTS of new content, LOTS of collectables and traditions, with emphasis on event-specific items instead new "technologies". All this, for a small playerbase roaming about a small landscape. The game was packed with little quirks: "Giving Simon the Finger" was one of the intro quests, where you retrieved the literal finger of a deceased monk... During the CH birthday, the land was littered with balloon bundles which you could pick up and use! I still have around 1000... Every event had a cool no-class wand and a hat quest -- I'm very annoyed they stopped doing this... Events were for cool-looking fashions and items (despite their uselessness), and items were tagged with the event they came from! There were 4-5 events per year (Yuletide, Samhain, Beltane, Solstice, Birthday) instead of 2-3. The focus seemed more on short-term progressions than long-term projects.... I bet it was a huge pain for the developers.

The new engine changed everything. Now, instead of being constrained by a rather tight, large, Objective-C (which blows as a programming language) project, they have freedom. Instead of lightning strike being two alternating perpendicular images, it can be a full particle effect! All those cool radiant exploding sunbeaming effects you love now were pretty much impossible before... Animations are now far easier to create and integrate. Also, now the programming team can focus on adding cool new features that were too great a task previously! An auction house? Fishing? Cooking, crafting? Bounties? Character names with spaces? Sheathed/drawn weapons? Cool idle animations? The Lightning and screen shaking effects in the Tower? Try to imagine not having the "c " or "w charname, " or "g " -- soooo many wrong chats... Or killing a boss only to find out after it's killed that some noob got the kill because at some point the kg were all just out of range... Or buying a pair of heroic gloves/boots for 250k and the seller whispers you "hey!:)" and you respond "hey!" and when you accept the trade you realize that while you were typing they swapped out their items with ancient scale...

The game has grown by huge leaps and improvements: were it to revert, I would wager that you'd spend more time wishing you were playing the new engine than enjoying the old. The grass is always greener on the other side, the past always sweeter than the present.

Oh the memories, excuse me when I go cry in a corner.

But seriously as a player that played back in the day I can definitely say that I miss a lot, but we have also gained so much with this new engine (even the huge 200+ lvls).
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Re: Old Engine dreams

Agree w Reg, we just need to be patient and otm will fix the log in prob. Just make sure to post on forumns what they asked, details when it's happening so they can investigate and fix which they will. Always some adjustments and tweaks w new updates.
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