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Re: i take so much damage by this mob. Is this on purpose?

Zkills wrote:
penvro gillilan wrote:
RareTrader wrote:Everyone 5 to 10 seconds the glimmering fairy [ the 3 star level 55 one] shoots 2 fireballs which deal about 100 damage each
is this supposed to be happening?

What class are you

Doesn't really matter what class you are, they are op no matter what and destroy you

Lol they were no problem for me
i may suck but you try and try again and never give up

penvro lv112 ranger- most likly going to retire soon
glyniss derbody lv59 rogue
soon to create a druid

Re: i take so much damage by this mob. Is this on purpose?

Initially, most people struggle with the mythfiends. The common approach is to hit the fast and hard. But if you don't take them down, they cast barrier and fireball you to death. At this point you have nothing left to hit them until the skills / spells are ready to be used again.
Just wait until they cast barrier, then hit then big. You'll wipe out their energy and they can no longer cast a fireball.
They become manageable then.
Only issue is that the occasional random mob will cast a few fireballs before barrier. Most though cast barrier very quickly.
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