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Re: i take so much damage by this mob. Is this on purpose?

I have found 2 strategies that work ok to solo these glimmerwing mobs.
First is to hit them with general melee until they cast barrier spell, which is normal quite early in the fight. The barrier causes damage to reduce mobs energy instead of health. At this point you need to hit the mob with your most damaging skills as quickly as possible. Once the barrier is down again, you will have reduced the mobs energy and it can no longer cast the fireball. At this point the mob comes in to fight with melee, which is still quite hard so you will want to finish the job quickly. If done well, you should take only one fireball hit.
The second method is to hit the mob quickly so that you constantly disrupt casting. A rangers rapid shot skill works well here, or haste from lix or lux item. This options can work well if your melee damage is high and kills the mob quickly, you can get away with not taking any fireball hits. However I've found that it probably works less than 50:50.
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Re: i take so much damage by this mob. Is this on purpose?

penvro gillilan wrote:
RareTrader wrote:Everyone 5 to 10 seconds the glimmering fairy [ the 3 star level 55 one] shoots 2 fireballs which deal about 100 damage each
is this supposed to be happening?

What class are you

Doesn't really matter what class you are, they are op no matter what and destroy you
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