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Chest problem solved

I can't speak on android because I don't know if they have a new server etc.

For iOS however, there is a new server. Why not just have the chests available for them for a short time, seeing as no items are rare for them since they have nothing. Then it won't mess with those concerned about items losing value. Also if you want you can always start on the new server.

I however am an old player and I first hand understand the "hoarding" of rare items. I do so myself. Not because I don't want others to have them or to rise value but because I enjoy the fashion and mounts I own and would prefer to keep them. If anything the prices are things are decreasing due to lack of platinum buyers. People have started to sell fashion at more reasonable prices, myself included.

I however as an adult, don't see a problem with the chests. I think new players, anyone in general should have an opportunity to obtain some of the amazing fashion, charms, mounts that are limited and no longer around.

I myself was excited. We just don't have a lot of full sets on my server, let alone some items have died out completely.

Either come to some sort of compromise, I know a lot of people have already purchased platinum to get the chests and they didn't have the opportunity to do so. Either bring them back for a limited amount of time (24 hours?) or have them stay on the new server(s) for a bit and then people have the option to start over and play that way if they decide.

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